✈️ Shipping projects + fun weekend before leaving

Adrien Joly
2 min readAug 20, 2017

Yep. Next Wednesday, we’re leaving for an epic 3-week trip to the US (including Burning Man)! 🔥

So this week was a good time to finish projects and enjoy my last week of full-time fun! When I return, I will invest more time working for clients, so it was important for me to reach some kind of closure with current projects.

1. Trello integrated my Comment Editor power-up 🎉

That’s it! I got one of my add-ons integrated in one of my favorite productivity tools: Trello! 🏋

For that occasion, I published an article (“Using Trello as a living notebook”) and opened a public board (in which you can test the power-up). The launch went well, and 145 users tried it already! Let me know of your thoughts, if you ever try it!

For me, this is just the first step of a bigger vision. Now that I made it more comfortable to take notes in Trello, I’m going to build tools to make it really really fast, and to allow taking notes from anywhere. More on this soon!

2. Weekend fun: solid partying → hangover soldering

Soldering a Velleman electronic kit. This is very calming and satisfying! 😌

When I was a kid, my uncle used to help me solder Velleman electronic kits. A few days ago, I felt nostalgic and decided to do that again!

I’ve always loved the feeling of “flow” that comes when I’m programming. The feeling of losing myself in the activity. When soldering, I feel a different kind of flow: it’s also challenging and satisfying, but it’s more manual than mental, more about repeating a gesture, while making sure of being as precise as possible.

And, yes, the circuit works! (watch these beautiful lights!)

That’s it for today! Have a great end of summer, and see you in September!

Never stop crafting!

Adrien Joly

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