As Google Inbox is shutting down, let me share a trick to keep adding reminders to Gmail, thanks to IFTTT.

1. Add a “quick note” button on your iPhone

My second-hand Yamaha DTX Multi 12 drum pads

A bit of context

Une liste de livres, cours et articles que j’aurais du prendre le temps de lire et d’appliquer avant (de rater) le développement et le lancement de mes produits en solo.

Image found on Roger Dooley’s “Ep #82: How to Create and Launch a Software Product”

I’m sharing the key points I hand-picked while reading Poornima Vijayashanker’s excellent book about how to turn a software product into income. If you enjoy them, please buy the book!


  1. How to come up with ideas, pare them down, and share them
  2. Start with a side project
  3. Mitigating market risk
  4. Building an audience before you build your product
  5. Finding your customer segment
  6. Identifying your ideal customer
  7. Differentiating with design
  8. What to put in a prototype
  9. How to manage product development…

Indie hacker français, Jérôme Gangneux nous raconte comment il a développé et monétisé son produit “Thread Reader” en quelques semaines.

Jérôme Gangneux, développeur français de Thread Reader, actuellement au Canada

Adrien Joly

Web software development × personal development. 🚀

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