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Ça vous est arrivé, d’éviter de modifier une fonction, par peur de causer des bugs ? De vous énerver en essayant de comprendre comment fonctionne le code source du projet que vous venez de rejoindre ? D’avoir des sueurs froides en approuvant les quelques modifications de code proposées par votre collègue dans sa Pull Request ?

Si oui, vous avez eu affaire à ce qu’on appelle du code legacy. On parle de legacy (héritage, en anglais) car il s’agit généralement de code qu’on a hérité d’un autre développeur. …

I.e. Make the hi-hat pad of the “Oak Custom” kit sound “opened” unless you press the pedal.


By default, when you hit pad 9 with the built-in “Oak Custom” kit, the DTX will play a “closed” hi-hat sound. That’s a great default setting when you want to play without pedal, as you can use pad 12 to play the “opened” hi-hat.

When plugging the HH65 hi-hat pedal into the “HH CTRL” port of my DTX for the first time, I was surprised to see that the behavior of pad 9 remained unchanged. With the DTX default settings, the HH65 was useless.

Here are the steps I had to follow in order to make pad 9 play…

How to hijack the microphone, to send a clean sound from my DTX to ImuJam.

This weekend, I discovered “ImuJam”, a website on which musicians can record their performances and contribute to others’.

I thought this was a pretty cool thing to try, but then I realised that recoding my electronic drum kit through my laptop’s microphone would include the sound of my drum sticks hitting the pads, which would sound bad…

So I figured out a way to make this work:

  • plug my DTX Multi-12 drum kit to my computer using a MIDI cable;
  • pick a drum sound that I like on Ableton Live 10, and make sure that its track listens to my…

As Google Inbox is shutting down, let me share a trick to keep adding reminders to Gmail, thanks to IFTTT.

1. Add a “quick note” button on your iPhone

Click the link below to add the “quickly email yourself a note” recipe on your IFTTT account. That recipe relies on the “Note” widget that IFTTT’s app can integrate to your smartphone’s today screen.

You will have to specify your email address to receive the reminders (a.k.a. notes) you will send to yourself using that recipe.

You can even customize the recipe to remove the “[Do Note]” prefix, if you want.

After you do that, you can add the “IFTTT” widget to your iPhone’s Today screen, by clicking the “Edit” button at the buttom of that screen, and them moving…

Here are the setup and customisation steps I followed after buying this awesome second-hand instrument.

Today, I’m not writing about startups, Openwhyd or personal development. I would like to share a few things about a new music instrument I bought from another drummer: Yamaha’s DTX Multi 12.

My second-hand Yamaha DTX Multi 12 drum pads

A bit of context

Why did I want to buy a DTX Multi 12, you ask?

I’ve been playing in a groove/fusion band called Harissa for about 2 years. This has been quite a change of genre for me, as I was mostly used to play with rock and metal bands, previously. This time, I had decided…

Une liste de livres, cours et articles que j’aurais du prendre le temps de lire et d’appliquer avant (de rater) le développement et le lancement de mes produits en solo.

Avertissement: Dans cet article, je partage ma compréhension propre de concepts de marketing appliqués aux Indie Hackers. Il est possible que certaines définitions y soient exagérément simplifiées. La finalité est de donner un ressenti de base de ces concepts, de donner des pistes d’étude à mes confrères développeurs. Merci pour votre compréhension !

Entre 2016 et 2017, je me suis donné un an pour me libérer de mes clients, et tenter de vivre du développement de mes propres idées de produits.

Un an à croire que lancer un produit consistait à publier une page web de présentation, à le poster…

Image found on Roger Dooley’s “Ep #82: How to Create and Launch a Software Product”

I’m sharing the key points I hand-picked while reading Poornima Vijayashanker’s excellent book about how to turn a software product into income. If you enjoy them, please buy the book!


  1. How to come up with ideas, pare them down, and share them
  2. Start with a side project
  3. Mitigating market risk
  4. Building an audience before you build your product
  5. Finding your customer segment
  6. Identifying your ideal customer
  7. Differentiating with design
  8. What to put in a prototype
  9. How to manage product development and attract top technical talent
  10. Scrappy marketing startegies
  11. How to ask for your first dollar
  12. Metrics that matter
  13. Successful launch strategies
  14. Getting working capital to build your product and your business

My highlights from the book

Chapter 1. How to come up with ideas, pare them down, and share them

Make sure you understand why you are pursuing this idea.

Why is this idea important to you?

Who is…

Indie hacker français, Jérôme Gangneux nous raconte comment il a développé et monétisé son produit “Thread Reader” en quelques semaines.

Jérôme Gangneux, développeur français de Thread Reader, actuellement au Canada

Salut Jérôme ! Tu veux bien te présenter ?

Salut, je m’appelle Jérôme, j’ai 32 ans et je vis actuellement à Vancouver au Canada.

Dans la vie, j’aime créer et expérimenter tout un tas de choses. Comme je suis développeur de formation, c’est avec le code que je m’exprime et que je construis plein de projets qui touchent à tout. De l’outil utilitaire qui résout un vrai problème aux pérégrinations artistiques avec l’art génératif.

Tu as lancé Thread Reader il y a quelques mois, en solo. Peux-tu nous en dire plus sur ce produit ?

Thread Reader est un service…

Why it’s not a good idea, and how Openwhyd may become your best partner.

👋 ​Hi!

My name is Adrien. I’m a music lover, a drummer, and a software engineer. I started developing Whyd —formerly a startup product to help music lovers keep, play and share their favorite music tracks scattered across free streaming platform — in 2012. Since Whyd became Openwhyd (in 2016), I have been helping this product sustain as a collaborative, non-profit, crowdfunded and open-source project.

An announcement to our community of music lovers.

Dear music lovers,

Sorry for not having been active on the development of Openwhyd lately, I’ve been very busy with my new work and wanted to relax more during weekends.

I’m happy to see that Openwhyd usage stats remains steady despite the fact that I disabled the background playback of tracks from the website. ✊

Active users on, from January 2017 to January 2018

After having maintained Openwhyd for almost 6 years (since its startup product phase to its evolution to an open-source project), I took a step back and decided to reduce my involvement to a bare minimum:

  1. to keep the server running,
  2. ensure user data privacy and…

Adrien Joly

Web software development × personal development. 🚀

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