Controlling a Ccbetter Action Camera from my Nexus 5x with Android M — end of a nightmare

Adrien Joly
2 min readApr 29, 2016

This article has nothing to do with what I usually write about, but I have to share this. Hopefully, this article will save a lot of time to other people that may experience the same problems as me with a Ccbetter 720 Action Camera with Wifi (alternative to GoPro).

This is the ccbetter 1080p camera with LCD screen and WiFi control that my girlfriend offered me for Christmas.

After unpacking it, charging the battery and putting in a SD card, the camera worked beautifully!

Problems started as soon as I tried to connect it to my Nexus 5x phone with Android M (6.0.1): none of the recommended apps (iSmart DV, Youmera, Finalcam, Canany) were able to connect to the camera… I was always getting a “add device fail” error.

Screenshot of my Android device model and OS version

After hours of retries, including with my old iPhone 4s, and a few useless exchanges with ccbetter’s customer support, I finally returned the camera to the Amazon seller, and my girlfriend ordered it again from another seller.

So my second ccbetter camera was delivered today, and I experienced the same issues at first… On the Nexus 5x and the iPhone 4s…

I tried everything: turning on Bluetooth, switching Wifi networks, disabling 4G data, disabling battery optimisation, giving all possible permissions to camera apps… Nothing was working…

This time, my new ccbetter camera has an up-to-date firmware!

But, out of the blue, after trying 10 different apps on both phones, the Canany app finally displayed the camera’s image! I had started it after turning on the Wifi mode on the camera, and connecting the Nexus’ to that SSID. I tried again all the other apps, but only Canany was working in those same conditions.

I assume that ccbetter’s firmware (or Canany) was recently updated, in order to support Android M.

Happy ending: Canany works! :-)

I lost too many hours trying to make this work, but in the end I’m really happy that it does!

I hope that it will work for you too, because this camera seems fantastic!



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