First steps with Yamaha’s DTX Multi 12 drum pads

My second-hand Yamaha DTX Multi 12 drum pads

A bit of context

  • Roland’s SPD-SX Sampling Pad
  • Clavia’s Nord Drum 3P
  • Alesis’ SamplePad Pro
  • and Yamaha’s DTX Multi 12
A good comparison review between Roland’s SPD-SX and Yamaha’s DTX Multi 12.
A convincing demo of the DTX Multi 12

First contact: pad sensitivity

  1. press Shift-Utility to adjust the pad sensitivity settings;
  2. press the Right key and Enter to edit the “PAD” settings;
  3. use the +/- keys to select the “HandDyna” trigger type;
  4. then, using the Left and Right keys to switch to different settings, and the+/- keys to change their values, set “Gain” to “1”, “VelCurve” to “hard2”, and leave all the other settings to their defaults;
  5. Save your changes in the first custom/user trigger (“U01”) by pressing “Store” and confirming using “Enter”. (if you don’t do that, your DTX will forget your settings when you turn if off).
Hello, fine-tuned trigger settings :-)
  1. press Utility to go to the main settings menu;
  2. press Enter to go to the “general” section;
  3. go to the “StartupTrg” setting by using the Left and Right keys;
  4. set its value to “U01” (or whatever name you stored your settings into);
  5. press the Store button to save this preference.

Let’s put the headphones on

Simple hack to fix the sound of my 3-band headphone’s jack: pull it just a little bit.

Recording in GarageBand, thru MIDI

The Roland UM-ONE Midi-to-USB interface, between the DTX and my MacBook Pro.
The best way I found to control GarageBand’s “SoCal” drum kit is to use the DTX’s “Vocal Drums” preset.

Finally, let’s try a different layout of pads

Next things I want to explore

  • adding my own samples, (e.g. the “dirty” hip-hop snare I mentioned earlier)
  • connect an iPhone or iPad to the DTX in order to select and customise kit presets with a more intuitive and fast user interface,
  • trying the “Cubase AI” software, included with the DTX, (even though I still have to find a way to get a working activation code for it, now that my DTX’s previous owner used it already…)
  • and plugging a MIDI keyboard to the DTX, like shown on the video below.
Yes, the DTX can be used as a synthesiser, if you plug a MIDI keyboard (or other controller) to it!




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Adrien Joly

Web software development × personal development. 🚀

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