First steps with Yamaha’s DTX Multi 12 drum pads

My second-hand Yamaha DTX Multi 12 drum pads

A bit of context

A good comparison review between Roland’s SPD-SX and Yamaha’s DTX Multi 12.
A convincing demo of the DTX Multi 12

First contact: pad sensitivity

Hello, fine-tuned trigger settings :-)

Let’s put the headphones on

Simple hack to fix the sound of my 3-band headphone’s jack: pull it just a little bit.

Recording in GarageBand, thru MIDI

The Roland UM-ONE Midi-to-USB interface, between the DTX and my MacBook Pro.
The best way I found to control GarageBand’s “SoCal” drum kit is to use the DTX’s “Vocal Drums” preset.

Finally, let’s try a different layout of pads

Next things I want to explore

Yes, the DTX can be used as a synthesiser, if you plug a MIDI keyboard (or other controller) to it!

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