Hi Jamie, thank you for your reply!

Well, I haven’t done any freelancing work for the last 6 months. But I used to follow a kind of solo Agile methodology:

  • at the start of every week, my client and I would define the contents of my 1-week sprint, based on her priorities and my estimations;
  • then I would allow interruptions (e.g. phone calls) for emergencies only, until the end of the week, so that I can focus on my tasks.

I was charging by the hour, including for meetings and phone calls. You can read more on the mistakes I made on that previous article I wrote: 6 erreurs à éviter en tant que développeur freelance. (in French, sorry…) In a nutshell, I ended up quitting my last freelance mission because of the pressure of too frequent “emergencies”, and thus interruptions and disruptions in my weekly sprint.

That being said, I realised about the behavioural trait that I wrote about in my article while collaborating on a personal project. So I’m not sure that the way I charge is the root cause.

Also, this discovery is very recent, so I’ve not thought of how to improve yet. I’ll probably write about it, when I do!

Best regards, Jamie!

Web software development × personal development. https://adrienjoly.com/now 🚀

Web software development × personal development. https://adrienjoly.com/now 🚀