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Highlights from “How to Transform Your Ideas into Software Products”, by Poornima Vijayashanker

I’m sharing the key points I hand-picked while reading Poornima Vijayashanker’s excellent book about how to turn a software product into income. If you enjoy them, please buy the book!


My highlights from the book

Chapter 1. How to come up with ideas, pare them down, and share them

Chapter 2. Start with a side project

Chapter 3. Mitigating market risk

Chapter 4. Building an audience before you build your product

Chapter 5. Finding your customer segment

Chapter 6. Identifying your ideal customer

Chapter 7. Differentiating with design

Chapter 8. What to put in a prototype

Chapter 9. How to manage product development and attract top technical talent

Chapter 10. Scrappy marketing startegies

Chapter 11. How to ask for your first dollar

Chapter 12. Metrics that matter

Chapter 13. Successful launch strategies

Chapter 14. Getting working capital to build your product and your business


Web software development × personal development. 🚀

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