Jamming with other musicians, on my DTX Multi-12 electronic drum kit

How to hijack the microphone, to send a clean sound from my DTX to ImuJam.

Adrien Joly
2 min readMay 5, 2019

This weekend, I discovered “ImuJam”, a website on which musicians can record their performances and contribute to others’.

I thought this was a pretty cool thing to try, but then I realised that recoding my electronic drum kit through my laptop’s microphone would include the sound of my drum sticks hitting the pads, which would sound bad…

So I figured out a way to make this work:

  • plug my DTX Multi-12 drum kit to my computer using a MIDI cable;
  • pick a drum sound that I like on Ableton Live 10, and make sure that its track listens to my MIDI input;
  • create a custom pad mapping on the DTX, for additional comfort while performing;
  • configure Ableton Live to send the audio to “Multi-Output Device”;
  • configure that “Multi-Output Device” from my Mac’s “Audio MIDI Setup” utility, so that it sends audio signal to both the built-in output (i.e. my headphones) and to a virtual audio device: in my case, “Apowersoft Audio Device” came with Apowersoft Screen Recorder. (Free download)
  • configure Google Chrome to use that virtual audio device instead of the built-in input device.

In short, this makes Google Chrome use the audio from Ableton Live like if it was my Mac’s microphone!

That’s it!

If you want to see how it sounds like, check out my jams on ImuJam!

If you have any question, please ask!

Hope this helps.



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