So, you need help with your startup?

1 — What are you striving to achieve, and why?

  • what problem are you trying to solve? why?
  • who are you, and what makes you a great candidate for solving this problem? (e.g. it could be your experience, your wealth, your contacts… you tell me!)
  • how would you pitch your project so that it fits in a tweet? (i.e. 140 characters max)

2 — What did you try and failed to do?

One of the most famous example of pretotype: Palm Digital Assistant

3 — What do you need?

An illustration of how startup entrepreneurs sometimes look like when they come to me.

ProTip: Cut the bullshit




Web software development × personal development. 🚀

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Adrien Joly

Adrien Joly

Web software development × personal development. 🚀

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