🕵 Steady progress and good surprises!

Adrien Joly
3 min readJun 19, 2017

The chance of receiving a good surprise or opportunity is a tremendous incentive to keep our eyes on our inboxes and notifications.

This happened several times to me, in the past few days, and it convinced me that hard work always pays, in the end! 💪

1. Openwhyd users donated 4 months of uptime!

A sample of the email we sent to our 110k users, 2 weeks ago.

About 2 months ago, I was telling one of my best friends that Openwhyd would be the first project that I should let go, if I wanted to rationalise the use of my time across my numerous projects.

A few weeks later, bad news: I’m told that the Whyd company is not gonna pay for its hosting any longer…

For some reason, I could not help but spend even more time migrating Openwhyd to a cheaper server, calling out some friends and users individually to star our Github repo and donate to cover the costs.

And, you know what? We succeeded brilliantly! 🍾

We gathered enough donation money to cover 4 months of hosting fees, and the direct and honest email that we sent to our 110k users resulted in some of them offering to help with their time and skills! 🙏

This kind of success story encourages me to keep investing time on this project, and makes me hope of a bright future for Openwhyd.

2. A rad demo video + a landing page for teachers

As you may know, my main focus has been to make a commercial product out of the student evaluation software I developed for teachers like myself. I’ve already contacted 50 teachers, out of my objective of 100. 🕵

I had already shared several videos explaining the details of writing auto-graded exercises for exams and continuous evaluation. But this time, I was kindly advised by Maxime, the creator of the awesome Youtube channel about French rap: “Le Règlement”. So the quality has improved! 💯

Also, I published a landing page that will hopefully help me gather email addresses of teachers who would be interested to test my product: Corriger le code de vos étudiants en 1 minute. (adrienjoly.com/eval)

Screenshot of my landing page: Corriger le code de vos étudiants en 1 minute. Tell you French teacher friends!

French readers, I value your tips to improve my landing page and videos!

3. Dev Evangelism? ⛪️

Last but not least, my friend Jérémie sent me an intriguing but unsuspectedly relevant job offer: a “Developer Evangelist” position!

I had never though of applying to that kind of jobs. But Jérémie saw that I enjoyed experimenting around technology and sharing content online, so he figured that this kind of job would actually be a great use of my skills and interests! 🎯

So, these days I’m reaching out to some of my friends who are (or were) dev evangelists, to learn about the duties and responsibilities of that title. Who knows, maybe that’s my destiny? 😎

That’s it for last week’s news!

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