“Don’t pokémon and drive”

Why Pokémon GO is an evil and genius idea

If you don’t live in a cave, you must be aware that the Pokémon GO app is a new mass-scale phenomenon for 20-something people. In this short article, I share my thoughts — as a 30-something person — of why I think it’s evil, and why it’s a perfect app idea at the same time.

What the F**k is Pokémon?

I knew Pokémon as a video game for the Game Boy portable console. The goal was to capture “Pokémons” (fictive colourful animals with specific characteristics inspired by role-playing games) and to make them fight. It was also a TV animated series, and a cards game. My little brother was really into this when I was a late teenager. So, I’m not part of the Pokémon generation, but I followed its saga closely.

Screenshots of Pokémon GO

Motivation and game mechanics

When I asked my friends why they were so obsessed by this game, they told me that it was awesome to actually do what they watched a fictional character do in the TV series that they loved. They told me that it was fun and addictive. They even told me that, thanks to the game, they went out of the house and discovered cool new places.

Why is this game “evil”?

I call this game “evil” because of its addictiveness, and because more people are walking around like zombies (sorry, but that’s the way I see it) in the street. They arrive late at meetings. They pretend that the game is a good excuse to go out and walk (which is good, indeed), but in reality I feel a disconnection between these people and me.

A horde “Zombies” rush into central park, after the release of a rare Pokémon

Why is this game genius?

Business-wise, Pokémon GO is pure genius.


Now that I’m done sharing my point of view, explanations, rant and positive impressions about Pokémon GO, let’s take a step back.

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