🔋 Working on a new productivity add-on for Trello

Adrien Joly
1 min readJul 21, 2017


Hi, friends!

Today, I’d like to tease you about a new productivity add-on I’m working on: Trello Outliner.

(play the video below to see what it is about)

Teasing video I made for Trello Outliner’s landing page

I’m not teasing because I’m mean!

I’m teasing you because it may take a lot of effort to turn this idea into something real. And I’d like to make sure that it would be useful to many of you before investing that time!

If you were too lazy to watch the video, here’s a summary of my idea:

  • Trello card comments are useful to keep notes about our projects.
  • They are easy to update, but at some cost: Trello’s UI makes it too easy to accidentally exit the “edit mode” without saving our changes, and too hard to re-structure ideas as hierarchical bullet points.
  • So I’m proposing an alternative comment editor that would open in its own browser tab (for better focus), and allow easy restructuring of bullet points using the TAB key and/or drag&drop (i.e. like outliners, if you’re familiar with products like workflowy).

Would you use something like that?

(please reply honestly!)



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